Changing a spare tire, car break down


You know you’re British when you have no idea what to do going down i-75 in Michigan, get a flat tire and you’re left stranded on side of the high way not knowing what to do and sitting in the car for 1 hour completely lost and clueless.

Yes I had one of those days where nothing was working out for me, it seemed that every little thing I did snowballed into something bad, I was feeling dis empowered and feeling like a victim.

I was not very productive at work, I got slammed with new duties which I needed support with, I wasn’t having any luck setting up a date, I forgot my lunch, didn’t have money to go buy lunch so I sat all day starving till my co-worker gave me a bagel, and if that wasn’t enough at the end of the day, when all I wanted to do was get back home, I get a flat tire on the highway…

Yea… it was one of THOSE days.

Parked Car & Towing

I parked my car on the side of the highway in Troy Michigan and I sat there not knowing what to do, really intimidated about going outside and just watched cars zip past me at 80 mph, wow what a fun time!

I knew that even if I got out of the car, I would only be pretending like I knew what I was knowing and not get anywhere fast! See back in London I didn’t even drive a car! I took bus and train or walked everywhere to get to where I needed. It was only after being in the states homestay it dawned on me that I needed to learn to drive well atleast in Michigan.

So I learned to drive with the help of my home stay family whom generously brought me to driving classes and trained me on the weekend in the Costco or Walmart parking lot when we would do our Sunday groccery shopping.

Now I could have called my homestay family but they already take care of me so much somehow I felt guilty of calling them up for this when it is all my fault for not learning to change a flat tire! I mean isn’t it illegal to drive when you don’t know how? So I thought, so I was frozen with fear inside my car just simply wanting to close my eyes and wish it was a bad dream but sadly it was reality.

Then a brilliant idea hit me, there must be companies out there that might come to your car and change the tire for you! So on my phone I searched for change flat tire in Troy, MI and it came up with a company called Troy Towing and I called them up. I have good experience with companies in Troy because last summer I had a some big tree stump removal company come out and help me with huge oak stump I didn’t know what to do with.

The owner seemed very friendly and he said only $60, although that was pretty tough to cough up granted I didn’t even have the money for lunch that day, It sounded reasonable and they told me they would accept cards so I just went ahead and had them come out.

They came out in 30 min and changed my flat tire in 15 min, they were very courteous and professional. That is what I can truly admire about many of the local businesses I have dealt with in Michigan whether that’s a limousine company or towing company, they all seem like down to earth, hard working & caring people that makes me glad to be paying them for their services. If you get into an accident try calling these guys: Legacy Lawyers

Well I can’t thank those guys enough about saving me from the side of the high way especially a high traffic one like i-75


You definitely know you’re British when you don’t know how to change your own spare tire. So my tip to all the Brits out there doing home stays or just moving to US where car driving becomes the norm for you, make sure you know how to change your own tire and if not, have a smartphone ready and call the nearest towing company near you, for most Brits out there, the latter option might be the best every time lol…

Unbelievable Apartments that Makes you money


Ever wondered what kind of apartments will make you the most amount of money in shortest time possible? Should I buy cheap ones? new ones? or old ones? Last week I was talking to a friend that owns a seo business about investing in apartments and it surprised me despite his success, he had no clue about investment and apartments, so here are my thoughts on it.


What should you buy?


I think you should buy unbelievable ones!


What do I mean by that? Well everything about the apartment has to be outstanding. Remember when you are investing in an apartment complex you are banking on that thing generating income for you for several decades. This is a big time investment into your future! Too many people do not take this seriously enough. They look into apartments as if they are all the same and the only factor they look at is how its doing now and if they can afford it or not. But I tell you going by current market trend is only 1 sliver of the factor you should be looking at, ideally you want to become the master of understanding what makes apartments good and what factors you need to stay away.


the bottom line is simple


You need to be able to score the value of the apartment complex without having a clue how its performing currently.


This is how you truly find the unbelievable apartments, by having your own standards not what is dictated by current trends. This may mean that you will turn down many apartment complexes that are doing “well” now, or you may pick a new apartment complex that feels like its bit of risk taking because its not as Hot as other apartments in the area. But you ultimately understand given 10-20 years the new ones will out perform all the old ones.


Like any investment the key is to have the understanding that will allow you to foresee into the future. It is when you can figure out the true value of each apartment without the help of outside data you will certainly begin to see into areas you may have not otherwise looked at before.


Think of it like adopting a child or a car you will ride in for the rest of your life.


Make this project personal, it certainly deserves that level of attention and care.


Investing in an unbelievable apartment complex can change your life and lead you to financial freedom so many of us dream of. Then you can just retire and write blogs like me about your favorite hobby, who knows it may be about apartments! and how to invest in the well! The irony!

So whether Attorney Bodow is in the tree business or in real estate, he always does his good research, to find out the best possible answers for any needs and service.

You can count on it.


Being aware of disease and infections may save a tree


So after being so over the attorney thing, I fell in love with more active work and got into the tree service industry for 15 years. Being in the tree service industry you have to be aware of a tree’s overall health and conditions. People come to you with expectations. That you will grow, maintain, and ensure proper care and conditions of their trees and shrubs. Therefore, Its not enough to just trim a branch or remove a stump, you should be albe to identify and recognize some commone diseases that may plague the trees and shrubs in your climate. A person experienced and knowledgeable in arboriculture will know the signs and syptoms of an infected tree. Just like with us if you catch the disease early enough you have a better chance for a cure.

The first this is to be able to identify signs that something is or maybe wrong with the tree. Some common things to look for and to be aware of is if the bark or branches of the tree looks to be blistering, resembling a canker sore. It is cause by an open wound on its branches to become infected by a fungal or bacteria. This type of disease is refer to as Canker Tree Disease. There are a few different type of canker diseases that could be affecting the tree, depending on the type of tree in questions, the ground soil around it, and the climate its planted in.

Another common disease that a tree maybe susceptible to is Heart Rot Tree Disease. This disease normally infects beech, birch, cerdar, dogwood, and maple trees. As a result of it being improperly pruned or broken and damage branches. This is a fungal infextion, the tree will show signs of fungi. If the tree has a growth of conk or mushrooms and its one of the ealier mentions tree species, then there is a great chance that the tree is infected with this disease. There is a company that specializes in this type of treatment, they can be found here:

If you notice that at the base of a hardwood tree mushroom growth then this tree may be infected by what is refer to as Root or Butt Rot Disease. Just like the name suggest it attacks the roots or base of a hardwood tree weakening at that point. It may be noticed rot beginning at the base of the tree and moving upward. A conifer or broad leaf tree that has some type of wound on its trunk or branches is susceptible to this type of disease.

As a child playing in the woods behind my grandparents house I remember seeing this particular disease on the beautiful maple and elms. Its called the Sooty Mold Disease. It attacks maples, elms, boxelder, and linden trees. It noticeably leaves a black dusting or soot on the tree’s leaves and the dirt around it. this is common where there are a lot of feeding insects in the area. This too is a fungal disease that can harm a tree.


These are just a few common diseases and infection that may be plaguing your clients trees. There are many, many more out there reeking havoc on trees and shrubs worldwide. Learn and understand what is going on in the community that you operate in. many of the disease can spread from one tree to the next, if you know what to look for you can stop it before it has a chance to contimanate a neighborhood. Hopefully by knowing what to look for and being aware of the conditions that promote such diseases, you will have a better chance of maintaining healthy trees and happy customers.

Intro by Attorney Bodow: Just a day in the park


I used to be an attorney and I’ve grown up always loving literature, it was always my strength in school, always flunking my math tests by acing my english tests, yes the life of an creative writer. This blog will be a function of that passion to blog about my life and things I love to do, my first intro will be about a small trip I had at the park a while back, hope you like my writing 🙂

I remember as a child going to the national park for a field trip in the seventh grade. For a city girl that thought a ten by ten feet lot was a forest. That park was amazing to me. Seeing and learning about all the different species of plants, trees, animals I would imagine I was the main character in Totoro. The magnitude of it all was spellbinding to my twelve-year-old self. In addition, the forest ranger stories and information regarding the trees, plants and animals was enough to peek my interest in forestry. As soon as we had a break, I could not wait to speak to him. When I saw him over by an elm tree drinking a bottle of water I quickly made my way to him. Then I started peppering him with questions. How did he get started, did he have to go to college, how did he learn all the stuff he knew. He was nice, that ranger, and patiently answered all of my questions. It was being in the park surrounded by nature and listen to the wisdom of the park ranger that put my future into motion.

Loving Tree Care since Young

Later that year, I participated in the junior park ranger club. I have been a member ever since. In fact, now that I am an adult I take groups out on tours and I teach classes for schools and other youth groups. However, it was then in seventh grade that I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to work in nature. Loving, developing and caring for trees and vegetation.


Later on in my life, I attended the university where I studied arboriculture and urban forestry and minor in botany. There I was able to really hone in my knowledge and love for all things green. I was taught how to asses a tree health and condition. How to properly care for vegetation and so much more. When I graduated, from the university I worked for five years as a ground maintenance supervisor, two years with the local utility company, and now I run a successful lawn and tree care business. I am the only company in the tristate area that uses only organic and environmentally friendly products.

My team and I create the products that I use in the field. Ensuring that all the pesticides and fertilizers that we use are safe for the plants, trees, grass, insect, safe for everything and everyone. My experience and knowledge has really put me over the edge in my field. Because of my background and experience, the lawns and trees that I care for are far more superior to its neighbors. It is as the grass is greener, the trees foliage is fuller, the shrubs healthier. What can I say business is good!

All my successes and triumphs are due to that park ranger I met as a young girl. That took the time out to talk to me. He encourage my curiously and made working outside everyday seem like the most exciting adventure. In all honesty it is. I love running my business, I love pruning, trimming, felling (on occasion), and caring for trees, shrub, and plant life. Moreover, I really have that park ranger to thank, so thank you, you know who you are.

Yea so attorneys do have a creative and playful side lol.