Changing a spare tire, car break down


You know you’re British when you have no idea what to do going down i-75 in Michigan, get a flat tire and you’re left stranded on side of the high way not knowing what to do and sitting in the car for 1 hour completely lost and clueless.

Yes I had one of those days where nothing was working out for me, it seemed that every little thing I did snowballed into something bad, I was feeling dis empowered and feeling like a victim.

I was not very productive at work, I got slammed with new duties which I needed support with, I wasn’t having any luck setting up a date, I forgot my lunch, didn’t have money to go buy lunch so I sat all day starving till my co-worker gave me a bagel, and if that wasn’t enough at the end of the day, when all I wanted to do was get back home, I get a flat tire on the highway…

Yea… it was one of THOSE days.

Parked Car & Towing

I parked my car on the side of the highway in Troy Michigan and I sat there not knowing what to do, really intimidated about going outside and just watched cars zip past me at 80 mph, wow what a fun time!

I knew that even if I got out of the car, I would only be pretending like I knew what I was knowing and not get anywhere fast! See back in London I didn’t even drive a car! I took bus and train or walked everywhere to get to where I needed. It was only after being in the states homestay it dawned on me that I needed to learn to drive well atleast in Michigan.

So I learned to drive with the help of my home stay family whom generously brought me to driving classes and trained me on the weekend in the Costco or Walmart parking lot when we would do our Sunday groccery shopping.

Now I could have called my homestay family but they already take care of me so much somehow I felt guilty of calling them up for this when it is all my fault for not learning to change a flat tire! I mean isn’t it illegal to drive when you don’t know how? So I thought, so I was frozen with fear inside my car just simply wanting to close my eyes and wish it was a bad dream but sadly it was reality.

Then a brilliant idea hit me, there must be companies out there that might come to your car and change the tire for you! So on my phone I searched for change flat tire in Troy, MI and it came up with a company called Troy Towing and I called them up. I have good experience with companies in Troy because last summer I had a some big tree stump removal company come out and help me with huge oak stump I didn’t know what to do with.

The owner seemed very friendly and he said only $60, although that was pretty tough to cough up granted I didn’t even have the money for lunch that day, It sounded reasonable and they told me they would accept cards so I just went ahead and had them come out.

They came out in 30 min and changed my flat tire in 15 min, they were very courteous and professional. That is what I can truly admire about many of the local businesses I have dealt with in Michigan whether that’s a limousine company or towing company, they all seem like down to earth, hard working & caring people that makes me glad to be paying them for their services. If you get into an accident try calling these guys: Legacy Lawyers

Well I can’t thank those guys enough about saving me from the side of the high way especially a high traffic one like i-75


You definitely know you’re British when you don’t know how to change your own spare tire. So my tip to all the Brits out there doing home stays or just moving to US where car driving becomes the norm for you, make sure you know how to change your own tire and if not, have a smartphone ready and call the nearest towing company near you, for most Brits out there, the latter option might be the best every time lol…


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