Attorney Bodow is a story about an attorney that loved to write short stories, so much so that he stays up late evenings blogging about till dawn to come up with stories that no body will ever read. Attorneybodow.com is a platform in which he will begin sharing some of those writings with the world. Whether this blog gets 1 view or a thousands, it does not matter to him, the only thing he cares about is to express his writing and his thoughts as truthfully as possible, and let the chips fall where they may.

Writing is art and art is about celebration not competition. The writers could care less if he gains a hater but he will appreciate his fans and followers. The writer is always seeking to be at the edge of life exploring the new frontier of discovery in life and self. The writer is a self-reflection man looking to advance himself and perhaps this will lead to his peers following or not.

The writer is not concerned with outcome knowing that it is becoming fully present in the journey is the only thing of importance. The writer gets the job done not because he has to, but because there is deep inner longing to do so.

Welcome to my blog, the Attorney that always wanted to become a writer.